Friday, 11 October 2013

Pocono Tranquil Gardens: A Memory Care Facility

Memory Care Facilities have today become the best option for the people suffering with moderate to severe cognitive impairment and problem behaviors. When we talk about Alzheimer’s or dementia then these are the illnesses that come with age and worst is the fact that there is presently no treatment for these and they keep on deteriorating the health of the patient with the progress of the illness. The most common symptoms of these memories-related illnesses are resistance towards care, memory loss, mood swings, becoming alarmed if someone tries to help, etc.

Pocono Tranquil Gardens is a Memory Care Facility in East Stroudsburg that has been into serving such patients for a long time now. We are professionals of personal care and our expert team is highly experienced in providing the best memory solutions. Our staff includes trained assistants and medical professionals, who are absolutely regular in taking care of every resident in the center. From our services to accommodations, assistance in activities of daily life to giving a good company, our professionals do all to help our residents live a life that they have always desired for.  

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